Yoga Classes

Our signature Flow and SoulFlow classes blend a cathartic mix of vinyasa yoga, sound, and modern spirituality together to set you free. If you're just getting started or looking for a deep rest, try Begin or Wind Down. Our moody studio space features blackout windows, soft lighting and upscale design touches to help you sink in. There are intentionally no mirrors in our studio so you can stay focused on how you feel, not how you look.

Find your perfect fit

Our studio is well-stocked with premium quality yoga mats, blankets, blocks, straps, and eye pillows for your complimentary use. You are welcome to bring your own equipment from home as well.

Below, find a full list of the types of classes we offer, ranked with our feather icon. One feather is the most physically accessible; four feathers indicates our most challenging class and is for clients with experience.

60 minutes

Blackbird Wind Down

Wind down from your busy day with gentle, accessible movement, breath work and deep relaxation techniques. This class is a great choice if you're new to yoga, recovering from an injury or simply looking to breathe and de-stress.

60 minutes

Blackbird Begin

New to yoga? Start here! Learn about your body’s alignment and its connection to your breath and spirit. With one-on-one attention and a slower pace, this class helps build your strength, stamina, and confidence in the yoga studio while preparing you for our more challenging classes.

60 minutes

Blackbird Flow

Our daily open-level vinyasa class. You'll flow through challenging postures and learn to move quickly and intentionally, while still focusing on form and alignment. Expect a 60-minute immersive yoga experience that unites the body and spirit through flowing movement, intentional music and deeply healing restoratives.

75 minutes

Blackbird SoulFlow

Our signature multi-sensory experience designed to get you out of your head and deep into your body. Expect rigorous flows and segments of unguided practice to allow your intuition to guide you. If you love music, moody lighting, optional hands-on assists, aromatherapy, vocalization, kriya practice and a cathartic flow, this is the class for you.

Step into the flow

We believe that the body holds onto long-stored pain, tension, trauma and memories, and our goal is to move that dis-ease through, then out. While we will always teach good alignment to keep our clients safe, our goal is less about perfect form than it is helping our clients feel and then release. Our Begin classes are educational and meant to teach our clients the foundations of safe practice, while Practice, Bliss and SoulFlow classes are physically rigorous.