Who We Are

We’re a yoga studio on a mission to help women fly

About Blackbird

We are unapologetically woman-owned and woman-run. We love our guys (and do have a few of them at the studio, promise!) but our soul purpose is to transform the women in our community from the inside out.

It's about how it feels. We have classes at every level, because different bodies need different levels of stimulation to experience the exact same thing: rest. Some days, we need to really WORK through our mind-stuff, and on others, we need to land. Ultimately, we're just using the practice of movement to help our students get quiet enough to hear their own intuition, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get them there. And yes, sometimes, that’s a dance party.

We pride ourselves on giving 1:1 attention. Have you ever been to a yoga studio where you felt like nothing but a number? We have, and that has no place here. Every student will have a high-touch experience (though we will ALWAYS ask before we physically touch you). We’ll learn your name, we’ll understand why you’re here, and we’ll go the extra mile to make your experience the best.

It’s not all good vibes all the time. It really is okay not to be okay. Yoga teaches us that healing comes when we allow ourselves to experience the fullness of life. We aren’t mental health professionals, but we’re here to help you breathe deeply and slow down. We will hold space for whatever you’re feeling without trying to fix or change it.

We’re committed to inclusion. We welcome all womxn with open arms. We will never discriminate based on race, age, weight, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Our entire team is actively enrolled in diversity training and is committed to making the wellness industry a more progressive space. Studio Owner Nicole has made a personal commitment to helping people love their bodies as they are, and is a registered HAES practitioner. You are safe here.

We’re all for small. Not only are we vocal about being a woman-owned, woman-run business, but we're devoted to helping other women in their ventures. All of our merchandise is made by other women, and we're committed to shopping small wherever we can. We also regularly donate to organizations that support up-and-coming female entrepreneurs. We’re serious about helping women claim their power.

This is about JOY! Seriously, what's a life without it? At the end of the day, we want everyone in our community to feel what it is to fly. We subscribe to the belief that the heart knows exactly what it needs, but too often, the mind gets in the way. Yoga is the practice of clearing out the clutter and revealing your joyful, effervescent truth.

We don't take ourselves too seriously, we LIVE for connection with each other, we laugh a lot. We're a real community of people doing our best to get the most we can out of life.

Yoga student smiling with hands clasped together

We are passionate about helping others connect to their bodies,
their breath and our supportive community.

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Come see what we’re all about.

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