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We offer classes for every level and every movement desire. Physical intensity is rated on a scale of one to three yoga mats, with three being the hardest.


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A few minutes of gentle movement to prepare your body to sit, followed by breath work and guided meditation for stress relief.


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Restore your mind and soul with our most deeply restful experience. Surrender your body to its natural relaxation response. You’ll stay fully supported in each posture by props like blankets, blocks, bolsters and the floor.


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Unwind with gentle movement, breath work and deep relaxation techniques. This class is especially beneficial if you are a yoga beginner, recovering from an injury, or simply looking to de-stress.


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A sweet combination of sensation and still. Ground down into simple, effective postures to release tension in your body's deepest tissues. This class moves slowly and intentionally and it is suitable for practitioners of all levels of ability.

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New to yoga? Start here! Learn about your body's alignment and its connection to your breath. With one-on-one attention and a slower pace, this class helps build your strength, stamina and confidence in the yoga studio.


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Practice your daily yoga at Blackbird. This class is best for those who have some yoga experience, whether in our own Begin classes or from other studios. Practice more challenging postures and learn to move quickly and intentionally, while still focusing on form and alignment.


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Our most challenging class! Bliss is a 90-minute immersive yoga experience that unlocks the body and spirit through flowing movement, intentional music and deeply healing restoratives.

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"Everyone feels comfortable and welcome. You don’t have to be young, fit, or gorgeous to practice here! There’s nothing like it in the busy Northern Valley fitness scene."

-Orit A.

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