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We’re so glad you’ve chosen to start your journey with us. At Blackbird Yoga Studio, we strive to create a space that invites you to practice yoga just as you are.

We offer a broad range of classes to suit students of all levels of ability: from the brand new beginner to the ultra-advanced practitioner. Our yoga honors tradition. We respect yoga’s ancient roots, but we recognize that you are living a modern life in a modern body. Our yoga is creative. We will mix up our class content every single time, but we will always emphasize alignment to keep you safe. Our yoga is functional. If it doesn’t help you move better, breathe better, and feel better, it’s not for us.

We are a body-positive studio. We won’t take your picture or force your pose to look a certain way. That’s because we care much more about how the posture makes you feel, rather than how it looks. Our simple goal is for you to leave the studio feeling better and more empowered in your body than you did when you walked in.

We believe that yoga is for everyone, and our hope is to provide services that are not cost-prohibitive. We offer affordable membership, as well as discounts to students in school and senior citizens.

We are an experienced staff with a passion for helping others connect to their bodies, their breath, and to each other. Come home to yourself.

"An excellent, intimate space with nice, knowledgeable and playful instructors that are similar enough to promote a sense of continuity and diverse enough so as not to become monotonous, regardless of the practitioner’s experience level. Neither pretentious, nor aloof – they have eased me into poses that I thought would never be available to me. I have a host of maladies that I thought would keep me on the edge of the yoga community - if I stayed at all. Instead, they have turned my practice from once or twice per week into four or five times per week and most importantly, I always leave feeling physically better and mentally clearer than I did when I walked in – and what’s better than that?"

Steven P

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